Repeatable, Independent, Expert Methodology



Twenty two years experience in Indonesia


Well informed information transfer

Global Standard

Uptime, TIA-942, PMBOK, Agile, and ISO 21500


How do you weigh the different costs and considerations of enterprise, colocation, hosted, and cloud solutions? What’s the best option to meet the current and future IT capacity needs of your business?

Determining the best choice between IT deployment alternatives for your organization can be a complicated decision, subject to differing priorities among various stakeholders, a lack of consistent evaluation criteria, and “analysis paralysis.” 

The Project General Company has developed a system to capture, compare, and prioritize the various impacts of IT deployment alternatives, helping organizations align on a coherent strategy that achieves the optimal balance of Financial, Opportunity, Risk, Compliance, Sustainability and Service Quality: FORCSS®.

Independent Expert Evaluation

Our consultants possess deep background in both IT and infrastructure, combined with decades of experience managing business critical operations. They draw on Uptime Institute’s proprietary methodology and the world’s largest repository of data center research. Independence from any manufacturer or vendor affiliation allows us to provide unbiased findings and recommendations that are directly responsive to the availability and performance objectives of your business, appropriate to your infrastructure and IT assets, and that will help you attain and sustain operational excellence. 

Repeatable Methodology

The FORCSS decision-making methodology creates a language for effective communication; provides a basis for describing, comparing, and selecting alternatives; overcomes blind spots; and yields necessary and sufficient analysis to support executive decisions. Once mastered, an organization can use FORCSS to approach a range of strategic technology and deployment decisions. It provides lasting benefit, as future initiatives can be undertaken with confidence and full stakeholder buy-in.