Expert project management tip from The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY, Jakarta 

The creation of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) allows for a better assignment of responsibilities and project costs once each work cell is clearly specified.

Key benefits of the WBS

So what are the benefits of using the WBS?

1. It eliminates Inter-discipline interfaces – where your Mini PMs shall be the champion of the package or packages assigned to him. The mini PM will be obligated to study the whole scope, drawings, specification, and from all disciplines. This assures all potential issues are raise so he can progress work on his area.

2) Better accountability – you can just give the mini PM a start date and a completion date plus 3 to 5 intermediate milestones and tell him he is responsible in creating a plan, making sure all pre requisites are ready, he is the absolute master of the portion of the work.

3) Competition – creates an environment of competition amongst your mini-PM. Its been proven time and time again, healthy competition promotes productivity.

4) Visibility – you can pin point easily which area is problematic so the team can extend assistance to where it is needed the most.

5) You will be able to apply unconventional techniques in Project Controls such as 100-100 Rule and Rules of Exception.

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